Human Rights, Human Wrongs: Challenging Poverty, Vulnerability and Social Exclusion

This course delves into human rights: what they are, how they were historically determined, and the challenges to making sure that they are realized for all.


Leave no one behind
SDG5: Gender equality
SDG16: Peace, justice and strong institutions
Human Rights and Diplomacy
Economic empowerment
business and human rights
child rights
equal rights
human rights
humanitarian Law

The lack of universally implemented human rights is prevalent, as many marginalized groups continue to be denied such rights. Human rights are an essential part of sustainability; without ensuring rights for all, sustainable development is impossible. This course provides the history of human rights and their establishment as well as their pertinence to sustainable development. Additionally, this course provides a legal framework to understand why human rights are not ensured worldwide.

Transcripts available in: English, Русский

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Target Audience

Undergraduate and graduate students studying human rights, law, sustainable development and international relations, human rights practitioners, lawyers and policymakers, private-sector actors working in corporate sustainability and responsibility, and sustainable development practitioners.

Learning Objectives

To understand the intersection of marginalized identities and how they contribute to greater injustice and to learn of global agreements and new approaches to protect human rights.

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